January 23, 2017

Unicorns are EVERYWHERE!!! They are prancing their way across the internet like a veritable HORDE! Have you also noticed? As my friend Lovisa said: Unicorn is the new black. I can't help but agree!

I've put together this easy step-by -step tutorial so you can make these cute little unicorns to use as cupcake toppers or as cake decorations.

You'll need the following: a rolling board, small rolling pin, impression mat, round cutter, modeling paste, sugarpaste, paste or gel food coloring, ball tool (M & S), craft knife, smoother, plastic blade tool, edible glue, 2 small paintbrushes, piping tip, edible gold liquid food coloring (or edible gold luster dust and vodka or grain alcohol), 4mm round edible black pearls (or balls of black sugarpaste).

Color some sugarpaste bright green and roll quite thick, about 3-4mm. Place the impression mat on the paste and rub the smoother firmly over the mat to make the pattern.

Cut out circles - one for each unicorn. Here I'm using the largest cutter from the PME Round and Wavy cutter set.

Make a blunt cone with modeling paste. This is the body. I used white but you can used whatever color you'd like. Brush a little glue on the bottom and place on the green circle, a little off-center. You can push a couple of toothpicks into the body to help hold the head in place, or use uncooked spaghetti.

Make a fat sausage with modeling paste - the same color as the body. This will become the legs. Cut the sausage at an angle so you have two pieces of the same size.

Use the plastic blade tool to mark out the hooves. Brush some glue onto the cut edges and glue them to the sides of the body.

Make a thinner sausage for the front legs. Cut in half at an angle, mark the hooves and glue to the front of the body. When I model figures I usually place them on a piece of parchment. It makes them easier to move about and turn around as I use the paper instead of having to touch the figure.

Color three small balls of modeling paste in three different colors. I've used pastels here but you can, of course, use whatever colors you want! I'm very partial to Sugarflair paste colors and sell them in the shop, but you can use any good quality gel or paste food coloring.

Make a largish ball of modeling paste in the same color as the body. This is the headd. Hold it up to the body to check the proportions - make it larger or smaller if needed. Use the small ball tool to poke two holes up top, for the ears.

Make two small balls of paste and flatten them out. These are for the ears.

Pinch both ends. Put a little glue in the ear holes and glue the ears in place on the head.

Make a ball of different colored paste and flatten it out a bit. This is the nose. Glue it in place and mark the mouth with the wide end of a piping tip (nozzle). Use the small end of the ball tool to mark the nostrils.

Use the medium end of the ball tool to make eye sockets, then use the plastic blade tool to mark some cute squinty wrinkles.

Put a little glue in the eye sockets and then put black sugar pearls in place (or use balls of black sugarpaste). Make a small cone in white paste and glue onto the forehead.

Roll some long, skinny, uneven sausages with the colored paste. Glue into place behind the horn so that some strings hang down the back and some hang over the forehead. These will be the mane and forelock.

Roll about six or seven long skinny sausages for the tail. Glue them in place on the bum and then swing them around to the side. You might have to glue some of the individual strands in place.

Paint the horn and hooves with a metallic gold edible paint. I used a liquid gold from Rainbow Dust, but you can use a luster blended with vodka, or a completely different metallic such as silver or copper.

Roll two tiny, tiny, tiny balls of white paste and flatten them. Glue them on to the eyes. This gives figures a cheeky look, and makes them a little more living.

You are now done with your unicorn figures!!

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